About Hugh

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I’m a direct response marketing consultant and direct response copywriter based in Geelong, Australia and work for clients both locally and internationally.

And it’s fair to say that driving sales is my passion. And I’ve set it up the way I have because there are so many people who love what they do but aren’t getting the results they deserve.

stop sign AboutWARNING: Too many people get shocking advice on how to run a business and end up blowing thousands of dollars on advertising that quite simply should never have seen the light of day.

To help people make more money, I develop systems which become the Engine Room of their business. Generating new leads and referals. Converting leads into high paying clients. And most important increasing the value of each of your clients.

I’m a big believer in taking care of my clients and treating you with the respect you deserve. After all, I want you to work with me for a long time and the only way I’ll earn that right is by delivering you an exceptional result and supporting you every step of the way.

But before you get in touch with me, I want to make something clear.

If you aren’t fully committed to your business, lack the passion to move forward quickly or aren’t willing to invest in making it happen then please do not contact me. There’s no sense in wasting each other’s time.

I do want to help you …

If you want to double your business every 12 months

If you want to step away from the day to day running of your business, and only do the bits YOU want, and

You want a system for making money which is almost completely automated.

As for the nuts and bolts of what I do, I help both ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses and online businesses. And I develop marketing plans for them and write all types of sales and marketing materials including sales letters, space ads, yellow pages ads, websites, emails, case studies and landing pages.

Just check out my Services Page for a full list and pricing.

I’ve written for industries as wide and varied as weight loss, information marketing, financial investment, health, making money online, dating, child care, tradespeople and seminars to name a few.

I have studied under and worked for some of the best known copywriters including Pete Godfrey, Brett McFall and Alan Forrest Smith.

My Ethical Standards

  • I never ever ever make up testimonials or use made up testimonials. This is not only wrong, it’s downright illegal. So if your business is built on lies then go find someone else.
  • If I suspect you’ve sent me some false information, such as claims that can’t be substantiated or some proof element that feels wrong, I may ask you to show me you’re on the level.I don’t do sales copy for hogwash products and make no apologies for this. If your product or service is good and legitimate but you don’t have all the proof you need then I help you go and get it.
  • I never resort to hyping up your product because it’s a quick shortcut for me. I know you’ve seen tons of sales copy that is full of hype out there, and some of it actually looks like it might sell. But here’s the thing.People aren’t stupid and aren’t taken in by empty hype.The real magic of your product or service is always there, hidden beneath the surface. And sure, it might take some digging around to uncover it but I’ve never failed to find it so far.