The big opportunity you could be missing with your website

Do you want to make more money and get more leads with your website?

Then get this.

It’s not about how much traffic you get.

It’s what happens when you get it there.

A lot of people focus on getting lots of traffic. But often that’s because they waste the traffic once they get it.

What do I mean?


Your website needs to match the buying behaviour of your clients.

Some people who go to your site will be ready to take action with you straight away. And that’s cool. As long as you make it easy for people to contact you then job done.

But the vast majority of people aren’t ready to buy just yet. Thing is though, you know they’re interested. Otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place.

This is where the big money is.

Fact is, people can take a long time to make a buying decision. Up to 6 months in a lot of cases. So if they go to your website today and they’re NOT ready to buy then you can educate them all you like. And all you’re doing is …

… setting the sale up for a competitor!

Because let’s be honest. When they’re ready to buy they’ll forget all about you. That’s why you need to get their details. This means instead of marketing to them ONCE when they visit your site you can promote your product or service to them 5, 10, even 50 times!

Imagine being able to market your product or service to a potential client via email (which is free) 50 times. Beats the hell out of marketing to them once, right?

What this means is when they finally get into action mode – you’re the obvious choice. You’ve sent them lots of great information. You’ve kept them up to date on the market. You’ve established rapport and masses of credibility.

As they go through the buying process you’re by their side. Every step of the way.

Now the best way to get their details is to offer something of high value that’s totally free. And all you want in return is their name and email address.

Free Reports work best. Frankly they’re a license to print money. That’s because …
- You differentiate yourself from your competitors
- You educate them and get to demonstrate your capabilities in action
- They cost nothing to send if done via email, and very little if done by direct mail
- And you get the chance to make an offer for them to take up your services

Plus, and this is where it gets really cool – now you’ve got their email address you can send them information regularly. The best way to start is with 6 emails sent over 3 weeks giving case studies, answering their objections and showing why they should take up your offer. And then you can regularly email them until they take action or opt-out.

Send them more reports. Answer more objections. Give them updated case studies and examples. Even run some webinars for them.

Point is, if you’re relying on your site to convert people immediately you’re leaving a heap of money on the table. But by getting people to give you their name and email address you’ll suddenly be building up a database of potential buyers. And this is where the gold is.

Imagine having a database of 1,000 potential buyers growing every week. A database at your fingertips you can contact every week. Perhaps send them a blog post, a case study or some hints, tips and ideas.

Most businesses are leaving a fortune on the table. They let hundreds, even thousands of potential clients and buyers slip through their fingers just because they don’t try to get their details.

Do this and you’ll quickly build a valuable client database you can leverage to generate a lot more money.