Who Uses Sales Come First?

At Sales Come First I work with a number of clients in a wide variety of businesses.

But they all share one common thread.

They are all passionate about their business and want exceptional results.

Here is a sample of the type of people I typically work with.

Small Business Owners

Why? Because being a small business owner is the toughest gig around. And the numbers don’t lie. 75% if small businesses fold within the first 3 years. There’s so much competition to deal with, plus the red tape the government and banks throw at you. Then it only takes one pain in the arse client to waste your time and you wonder why the hell you’re doing it. That’s why I’ve developed a whole lot of packages designed to help the small business owner quickly and easily carve out their place in business and get up and running quickly. And once you’ve done that I can help you grow quickly so you earn enough to hire people to take care of the little things for you. And you can concentrate on helping your clients achieve their goals and make a tidy profit at the same time.

And with the Engine Room Review for only $297 it is finally very affordable to stick your toe in the water and discover what the possibilities really are.

Medium Sized Business Owners Who Need To Get To The Next level

Why? Because once you’re established and making a name for yourself it’s so easy to hit a ceiling. A lot of businesses start off with a BANG because they had a big client or two locked in, or they implemented some basic strategies well and got themselves to a good level pretty fast. But what happens next? Where do the next big clients come from? What are the strategies to take the next step? And are there different ways you can take your business in a whole new direction? I have a heap of clients who have achieved a certain level of success but are hungry for more. People with passion who just need the right direction and strategies to go to a whole new level. People who are smart enough to realise it’s a whole lot quicker to have someone give them the strategies and support rather than waste years figuring it out for themselves.

Seminar Promoters

Seminars are a tricky business. And anyone who tells you that filling a room is easy … is pulling your leg! Fact is, you have to attack on all fronts. And there’s several emotional desires to tap into at once. You have to use the internet. Email. Direct (snail) mail. Webinars. Preview events. Video. And you have to pull it all together in a cohesive strategy. It’s tough, and you need an experienced operator on your team. That’s why I’m continually being asked to fill events across the globe including Australia, London, the USA and even South Africa.

Financial Markets

The competition in financial markets is extreme. And if you can’t get attention with a killer hook and offer then it’s ‘Game Over’. The language to target the ‘wealthy affluent’ is different to the ‘get rich quick’ crowd. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. If you want to increase leads and conversions in the financial market then contact me and let’s discuss it.

Information product owners

Why? Because most information products are being sold poorly and into a market place that’s become flooded with competition. If you’re going to make money from your information product you need 3 things…

  1. You need to be crystal clear who your customer is, and what they really want…deep down
  2. You need to be create a position in the market which is unique and compelling, so you’ll be a beacon of light in a crowded, uninspired marketplace, and
  3. The underlying marketing strategies and sales copy to pull it all together.

Get all three things together and you’ll quickly become the person in your niche that people are attracted to, and want to do business with.