How It Works

How It Works

First and foremost my job is not sitting in a dungeon churning out sales copy. It’s sad to say but a lot of copywriters still think that’s their job.

My job is to work with you to understand you and your business. My task is to find what makes your business unique, and put into words what your market is really looking for so you can tap straight into that need and give it to them.

And if you do this right then finding clients and customers who are willing to pay you top dollar will be as simple as falling off a log.

But this isn’t necessarily easy. It’s no 5 minute task. So the first thing I need to do is get a whole lot of information from you.

If you think you can be successful without putting in any effort on your own then I suggest you find another copywriter. 

Fact is there are heaps of copywriters who just want a little bit of information from you and they go and write your sales copy from that. But there’s no way they can get inside your customer’s head or fully understand your business. To make matters worse, they completely miss what’s unique about you and your business. Sure it’ll work, but it’ll fall way short of what you could achieve.

So first up, you have to get involved or we’re both wasting our time.

The question for you is…
are you really prepared to get involved
in order to hit your targets?

So to start with I’ll send you my copywriting questionnaire. This gives me a ton of information from you about your clients, your product or service and your market in general. I force you to dig deep and answer questions about your business you may have never considered before.

Many people find these reviews confronting. They’re forced to examine their business at a level they’ve never done before. Many of my clients make breakthroughs just by going through the questionnaire.

When I get it back I go through it with a fine tooth comb. I dig through everything you send me, and do my own research too. I’m like a crazed archaeologist looking for an ancient treasure on an ancient Egyptian dig. Looking and looking for all those little nuggets which are going to make your sales message deliver amazing results.

After that, I’ll send you a proposal which maps out exactly what I’m planning to do, plus how much it costs and when it’ll be delivered. And if it fits into a standard package from my Services list you’ll know the price already.

If you’re happy with that then it’s down to business. I’ll reserve your time and we’ll get to work.

First of all you receive a draft of your sales package, and then your feedback lets me finish it off. There’ll be regular contact between us during all this. I’ll need even more information from you, so you’ll be hearing from me frequently.

But it’s not finished there because I advise you on how to present your final sales package. If it’s a direct mail package I tell you how to send it for best results. And it’s going online I’ll work with your web developer so it looks exactly like I want it to.

Get started today by emailing me at the Contact Page and let me know where you want your business to go.