Seminar Copywriting

You Need An Experienced Player To Fill Your Event

If you need bums on seats in an upcoming seminar then listen up.
Filling events is HARD.

Don’t fool yourself. And if you think a few emails and a short sales page is going to cut it … think again.

How do I know this?

Simple. For the last few years I’ve been helping fill events right across Australia, the UK, the USA and even South Africa. And I know that your event lives and dies on the strength of the copy.

I’ve worked for some of the major players in the industry on projects to fill events including the National Achievers Congress, Tony Robbins’ Unlimited Power Within and for major promoters including Mark Anastasi, Kavit Haria and Kerwin Rae.

Not only that, I’ve even helped smaller players in fields as diverse as financial planning to school teachers get incredible turnouts to their events.

You Need The Right Strategy Before You Write A Single Word Of Copy

One major mistakes I see all too often is writing the sales copy before nailing the strategy.

Listen up. If you don’t get the strategy spot on before you start then you’re heading for trouble.

Have you identified your big theme? That hook you’re going to wrap your event around?

What about the media you’re going to use? If you want big numbers you’re going to need email, a website, opt-in, free information report and other give-aways, and even old fashioned direct mail. You might even want to use outbound telemarketing and SMS marketing too.

And you’ve got to figure out who your ideal attendee is with laser like precision. And what they want.

Because if you get this right they’ll take up your offer like starving lions. Get it wrong and you’ll have a room full of freebie seekers, tyre kickers and time wasters.

If you’ve got an event coming up and you want to fill it with eager prospects then it’s probably a good idea we talk.

It’s easy to get in touch with me. Just go to the Contact Page and all my details are there.